Mathematics and Computation Division

Who is MCD

Members in good standing the American Nuclear Society (ANS) are eligible to become members of the Mathematics and Computations Division (MCD). At the discretion of the Executive Committee, the MCD may enroll non-Society members as Division Participants.  Division Participants need not meet the education and experience requirements that are established for accredited membership in the Society. Unless otherwise specified by ANS, a simple letter of request may suffice as an application for Division Participant status. The Executive Committee sets dues and conditions of Division Participant status upon recommendation by the Membership Committee.

What is MCD

The Mathematics and Computation Division (MCD) is a division of the American Nuclear Society whose area of nuclear science or technology includes mathematical and computational methods, numerical analysis, computer codes, computer architectures, and benchmarks for computationally solving problems in all disciplines encompassed by the Society. To further its objectives, the MCD:

  1. publishes papers, proceedings, newsletters, summaries of discussions, and other communications that, in the judgment of the Executive Committee and/or Program Committee, are appropriate and timely,
  2. encourages and enable professional development and collaboration among its members, and,
  3. cooperates and collaborates with other scientific and professional groups with related objectives.

Get Involved

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Why join MCD

By getting involved, you can make a difference: contributing best practices and innovative solutions, helping others in your field through mentoring and sponsoring newcomers, and increasing the safety of the public. MCD represents a forum where you can develop leadership skills, contribute new ideas, make your opinions heard and help shape future standard practices and regulations. We also recognize and award impressive contributions to the field.